Day 111

Read John 16:1-33.

Devotion by: The Brigner Family
Words of Prediction

In this passage, you can feel the deep love that Jesus has for the disciples. It’s the kind of “good-bye” that we have all experienced, a mixture of love and anguish. The disciples did not understand how their Friend was going to leave them for the Father, and that they would see Him in a little while. How was that going to happen? After Jesus explained more about His departure, the disciples finally understood and believed Him. But we can understand their confusion as their Friend talked and appeared distressed. They didn’t want Him to go! What would they do without Him? However, they had peace and were happy about seeing Him again later.

What a blessing to have the Holy Spirit indwell those that believe and surrender to the Lord. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples got to experience the Holy Spirit in themselves. Jesus knew the disciples would have many struggles, but He assured them that they would never be alone. What amazing peace we can have knowing that Jesus is always with us too!

Jessica Spivey