Day 104

Read Luke 22:24-30.

Devotion by: David Gonzalez
Who Shall be Greatest?

Imagine the setting: years of teaching and ministry together, the upper room, Jesus’ final hours, a discussion about who shall be the greatest. Wait! The greatest? This is an earthly trap that is just as strong today as it was 2,000 years ago.

The disciples were concerned with earthly things such as status and level of importance. Jesus plainly tells us that it is better to serve others than to think about ourselves. He showed this by taking a towel and a basin of water and washing the disciples' feet. He was the prime example that we are to serve others and not be so concerned with our accomplishments or position in life.

We don’t serve others to earn, keep, or somehow raise our level of salvation; that’s not possible. We serve others because we have already are saved! It is a natural outpouring of the love of Christ in our hearts. We may be better remembered for how well we served others with our time, talents, and treasures than for how much we amassed or accomplished professionally.

This was not the first lesson Jesus taught about personal greatness. He also taught about humility in Mark 9:33-35 and 10:35-45. You’d think repeated lessons about putting others first would have made a strong and lasting impact on the disciples. But here they were again, right on the eve of the Lord’s death, arguing over which of them was greatest! They show us that although we can have this lesson in our heads, it takes a while to put it into practice. Just when we think that we’ve learned it once and for all, someone does something to bug us, and we respond with, “I’m a better servant of Christ than he is!” Although we may not get into a verbal debate, the thought of our heart is, “I’m greater than he is!” So, we all must keep coming back to this fundamental lesson: The greatest in God’s sight are those who humbly serve.

Jessica Spivey