Day 120

Read Luke 24:44-49 and Matthew 28:18-20.

Devotion by: Mike Mage
Great Commission

The resurrected Jesus shows us a lot of things. He shows us:

…that death no longer holds the power it once did.

…that Jesus was who He said He was.

…that the Scriptures and the prophecies about Him had come true.

The prophecy Jesus mentioned in Luke 24:47 was not a prophecy for just Jesus to fulfill. Jesus invites us and empowers us, with all the authority given to Him in Heaven and on Earth, to fulfill one prophecy with Him. With His Spirit coming to live among us, a reality only the resurrection of Jesus can bring, He leads us to share the love of our resurrected Savior with every man, woman, and child.

In Jesus’ final act in His earthly ministry, He gives us the keys to His kingdom and essentially entrusts us not just to maintain it, but also to invest in it, grow it and make it flourish. He commissions us not just to stay and look at Him, but to move. This is the highest, most worthwhile purpose someone could give us. And the one who gives it happens to be the one who loves us to death and back.

We are called to something great. To make disciples, to see human eyes open to the grace and mercy of God, to see hearts begin to beat again is to see the Kingdom of God come. It’s literally bringing Heaven to Earth! May every breath that we take, be one breath closer to this becoming our reality!

Jessica Spivey