Day 105

Read John 13:1-20.

Devotion by: Mike Mage
Washing Disciples’ Feet

“…and now He loved them to the very end.”

That line shot out at me, and I kept coming back to it. Jesus was coming up to what would be the end of His earthly ministry, just hours before His final breaths and He had His last meal with His disciples. God had given Him authority over all things, and instead of Jesus using His divine power to preserve His life; He bends down and does what only the lowest of servants would do to those who were the most important. You see, in this time, sandals were what people wore, and paved roads were rare, so everyone’s feet were disgusting.

What Jesus ends up doing is far more, however, than some dirty job. He is showing us that even the One who spoke the universe into being did not come to be served, but to serve. And because Jesus was entirely in on the rescue plan that had been set up, He was aware of His coming betrayal and yet still chose to do the one thing no one thought a King would do. Jesus shows us that if we want to belong to Him, we must bend down and “wash each other’s feet.”

Jesus shows us that if we want to belong to Him, we must, no matter the situation, whether it’s our last night on Earth or not, love until the very end.

Jessica Spivey