Day 106

Read John 13:21-30.

Devotion by: Sean Gallagher
Foretelling the Betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you thought you could trust? Hurt by someone you loved? Dumped? If not, you’ve probably seen it happen on TV, in a movie, or heard about it from a country song. The songs are easy to laugh at, but the feeling is real and painful.

As you read this story, you can feel the tension in the room, like the tension of a breakup. There are many times throughout Jesus’ ministry when we find him around a table, but this time feels different. John says Jesus is visibly distressed, and Matthew’s and Mark’s gospels say the others around the table are distressed as well.

Jesus knew of Judas’ betrayal, and was clearly upset by it. He knew what Judas was going to do, but He still included him in the dinner, still sat him at the position of honor, and served him. Jesus didn’t invite him to the party to call him out in front of everyone like an episode of Real Housewives, He invited Judas because He loved him.

Just like Judas, we are all betrayers. And just like with Judas, Jesus knows of our sin, yet still welcomes us to Him. We’re invited to the table, to the seat of honor. Jesus doesn’t want to confront us before the whole world; He wants us to be near Him.

We can learn from Judas, though. He followed Jesus for three years and was still overcome by his sin. Judas didn’t turn from his sin until it was too late, but we still have time! Jesus has invited you, me, all of us to join Him at the table. Despite Judas’ sinful nature, Jesus loved him up until the very end. Will you go to Him and turn from your sins?

Jessica Spivey