Day 107

Read Matthew 26:26-29.

Devotion by: Ginny Coffey
Foretelling the Betrayal

The Lord wants to bless you with His Love and His eternal fellowship. He wants you to experience the freedom of the cross. He invites you to partake in the divine plan by entering into a blood covenant with Him. And as a believer of Christ, you enter into a blood covenant with the almighty God.

Because of this covenant, you become a joint heir with Jesus and so whatever Jesus is entitled to you too can claim by right of this inheritance. What a powerful statement this is. Everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to you!

Jesus has done all the work, and you reap the benefits when you say yes to His invitation.

Prayer of thanksgiving:

Thank You, Jesus, for personally inviting me to Your table to eat and drink fully from Your cup so that I may eternally celebrate with You in the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank You for standing in my place so that I can, by simply saying, β€œYes” to You, enjoy the freedom and the power of the resurrection in my life. Thank You for extending Your hand downward so that I can be lifted into the heavenly realm of Your holiness and Your divine love. Thank You for loving me, for giving me Your mercy and Your grace. Because of what You did for me, I, with You, will be seated at the right hand of the Father when I enter my heavenly home.

Jessica Spivey