Week 18 Recap: Days 103-108

Devotion by: Jon Michael Richardson

When I think about the Upper Room from preparation to the end of the meal, I am exhausted. It is some of the most high-stakes drama ever recorded. Jesus begins by saying how “eager” He is to share this meal. Woohoo! That is not a phrase He uses often. Then a fight breaks out among the disciples about who will be the greatest. Then there is a complete societal faux pas as Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. All followed by betrayal and denial. It reminds me of any good family dinner!

There is so much to be gleaned from this time: Lessons on humility, power, fear, and grace. But for me, I am always transfixed by Jesus. He has been the perfect human, the perfect friend and the perfect leader and His followers are still a mess. They still question Him. They still worry about themselves first. Yet, Jesus is still perfect. In spite of everything. In spite of their disbelief, arrogance, greed, He is still perfect.

I need to hear that every day. In spite of all that I do, think and say, He is still perfect. He knows all my flaws. He is sitting at the table as I worry about my greatness and He is still willing to die for me. He is eager to share His table with me.

"For Thou Art With Me"

I know not when I go, nor where,
From this familiar scene;
But [Christ] is here and He is there
And all the way between;
And, when I pass from all I know
To that dim, vast unknown,
Though late I stay, or soon I go,
I shall not go alone.

-Annie Johnson Flint

Jessica Spivey